Paid app stopped tracking from the 20 Sept 2021

I paid for the app and enjoyed the ad free version for a while until the 20th of September when the app stopped supplying me with the Overlay stats in-game and stopped tracking my stats.

It only shows N/A for all players in every game when I play now and it does not track my stats anymore at all but the ‘Service Status’ light is GREEN nad all seems A O fucking K.

This is bullshit

Just realised the website tracker is fucking working but the app and in-game services that I paid for to remove the adds are not fucking working

Hi @Eb0laV1rus,

We are sorry to hear that. Please let us help you resolve this issue as soon as possible.

According to our metrics, the app is currently working properly for most users. However, according to the description you provided, the app probably cannot connect to our services due to some Internet issues.

Are you using a VPN service? If not, could you send us your current IP address? We will use it to see if we are getting any requests from your machine.

Yeah … always the clients problem never the product.

Obviously your metrics will show that the app is working properly, even on my side the light is green and there is no noticable error messages or issues… that is exactly why I know that you cannot be bothered to sort this out because as long as the app shows it is working it is not your fault.

Yeah, I have checked the VPN, restarted my PC, router and disabled my antivirus.
I used a VPN and not VPN which btw none of the mentioned gave any issues before for the first almost month.

I also did not do any windows updates or install/uninstall any windows services… i barely did anything else except play Games and binge anime.

PS: how the hell am I supposed to send you my IP address without everyone seeing it, I do not think this chat is private?

We are actually trying to help our users on this forum. I hope we will be able to resolve it soon.

The green service status means that the app can detect what happens in the game during a match. As of now, it does not notify about issues with remote resources which is why it is not related to the issue you are having.

There is a chance that our services are blocking requests from your machine automatically. In rare cases, it happens to some users. This is the reason why I am asking you these questions.

I will send you a private message on this forum, please respond.