Paid for 3 months of premium but it's not working

Hi, I paid for 3 months of premium (one-time payment) and I tried to change my profile & banner in the Destiny 2 tracker but I get the “it looks like you’re not a supporter yet” message when I try.

Hi @GdRcKing,

We are sorry for the inconvenience, our team will verify the issue today. We will update you here as soon as we can.

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I’m showing you as a supporter and everything should be working. Can you check again and ensure you’re on the right account? If you’re still having problems please make a ticket in our premium support system. Thanks!

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Checking now, one sec

nope, I still cannot use any of the premium features. my username is ItsKing- and i have the same email

i figured it out, i was actually using 2 accounts with the same name. it works now… smh

Glad you figured it out. You can delete your other account to reduce confusion. Make sure you don’t delete the premium account.