Peak rating in perfomance tab is wrong

so i reached a new peak rating on E7A2 (image attached) which was 294rr

but when i look over to the performance tab its showing the wrong peak… (image attached)

is there any fix to this? my valorant ID is sevn#zzz

bump, any updates on how I can fix this?

We will look into it, thanks.

Hey, i just want to follow up regarding the issue, and if theres a fix/time frame for it?

Thank you!

It’s fixed, thanks for reporting.

Hey xorth, I just want to bring up the same issue again for this act.
my current/peak for this act:

but when i go to the performance tab:

its not refreshing, will this always occur? please let me know what i can do.

We pushed fixes yesterday, how does it look ? @xseandee

it looks perfect, everything from the leaderboard placement from E7A2 to the right peak rating on A3 is right.

thanks again!