Peak rating on the left shows the highest mmr at season finish instead of actual peak

Is it intended for the peak rating on the left side to show only the highest mmr out of all seasons at the point when the season finished instead of the peak mmr throughout any of those seasons?

Example: lets say at last seasons end you were 1720, this season you managed to get to get to 1750 which also showed up in the tracker as your highest peak mmr but then you deranked back to 1700.
The peak rating on the left will then show 1720 as your peak rating instead of the 1750 you achieved midway through the season.

Imo the peak ratingshould have nothing to do with the rating when the season finished, it should show your actual peak even if it was only for a short time.

To clarify: the peak rating in the list of gamemodes correctly shows the actual peak rating throughout that season, i am specifically talking about the new separate one on the left.