Premium Not Showing

Hi there,

I bought premium earlier today but it doesn’t seem to be working, I have all my accounts linked but it doesn’t show the border or anything on the profiles and it even prompts me to buy Premium on occasion, I’m logged into the right account and such too ^^ Sorry for any inconvenience just I’m a little unsure why this is happening.

Hi @narexa,

It looks like you are using two different accounts. This account, @narexa, has Premium and no profiles associated with it.

Could you please check your email of your current account on this forum and your email on this page: Most likely, they are different, and you should use the one you are currently using on this forum to get your Premium benefits.

Hi, they’re both the same email and when I look at my linked accounts they’re all there.

I sent you a private message on this forum. Please reply there.