Private Profile on TRN App

I just got the app and linked my account but it says the profile is private. How do i change that ?

You’re using our mobile app, or desktop app?
What’s your username and platform please?
There aren’t private profiles on R6 Siege, so that’s rather confusing.

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I’m using both.
The windows one works fine.

The mobile one (android ) is the one i downloaded yesterday and linked my accounts.

Platform ? I have the game on ubisoft connect (or whatever they name it now). The username on ubisoft is NasuMisu. The username for TRN is PaulMihai

Seems fine to me? No issue viewing the profile.

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Then i am doing something wrong cause in the app i get private profile.

Besides that i can’t search for players or when i search for something random and i try to see the stats i get the same private profile message.

Anyway i can send pictures here?

If anyone manages to ever find a solution for this please write it here as well .

This is a bug, the mobile app devs will fix the issue in the next app update.

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Hey, after looking into the issue, we’ll require your app logs to understand the root cause of the issue.

Please could you complete these steps?

  1. Reproduce the steps which make the “Private Profile” screen appear.
  2. Tap on “More” on the nav bar.
  3. Tap on “Settings”.
  4. Tap on “Logs”
  5. Tap the hamburger/menu button top right.
  6. Tap on “Share logs file”.
  7. Please share them with me here, or on Discord if you prefer. My Discord is @itsPost.


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Hi, not much i can do to reproduce the screen it just shows up as soon as i open the app. The only thing i could do is to log in and link the accounts again.

For now i will send you what i have so far, if it is not enough i will uninstall the app and go through the whole process again.

I don’t know exactly how to share the logs in the app so i put them in the cloud, download link below.

Hey @UnknownMisu,

Can you try and reproduce the issue, then give us the logs?


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Hi, i reinstalled the app and did the linking steps again. Below i added the logs and a video i made of the process.



@UnknownMisu are you by chance on a VPN?

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Nope, i do have a vpn installed but only use it when out of country

Try now, see if that works.

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Yes it does. Lovely work guys thanks for the help!

Never had support do stuff this fast

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have the same bug on PC for valorant can you guys private my account?