Problems with displaying statistics

I have been a nickname in the game for a long time. When I go to the tracker, the old nickname is displayed and TRN cannot find statistics because of this. I play Valorant. What to do?

Hi @Ness1e,

Please send us your old and new nicknames. Additionally, make sure your Riot Games nickname is up-to-date on this page:

My old nickname is Галя Дай Патрон#GDP
My new nickname is Nessie#1way

I can see your stats when I search for your new nickname:

through the search it finds my new nickname, but when I try to link an account, it shows the old nickname and does not show statistics. this issue only occurs in the mobile app. There is no problem on the website.

Please open the app settings and use one of the options below:

  1. Switch Valorant Profile
  2. Unlink Valorant Profile From App

Most likely, the app is still referencing your old nickname.

I tried both options. The application still sees only the old nickname

I can see that the correct nickname is linked to your account in our system, there must be an issue with the app cache.

Could you try to sign out (you will find this option in the More menu) and sign in again? It might reset your linked profiles in the app cache.

If it does not help, please try to reinstall the app.

completed both steps in turn. First, I logged out of the app and logged in again. Nothing has changed, everything is still displayed the old nickname when linking a profile. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing has changed either. the old nickname is still displayed when linking a profile.

I sent you a private message, please reply.


Thank you for your report. A bugfix will be going live soon.