Profile out of date and i cannot claim it

i am having issues trying to claim my profile. the only way i can find my profile on here is if i type in my old xbox gamertag. it wont update the gamertag or the profile picture. which if i go in and update my stats from my xbox, it shows up under the profile when i force a refresh on the website despite being my old gamertag. so everything updates just fine expect for my gamertag and profile pic. the weird thing is that i have that exact account linked to my profile but in profile management it is displaying my updated account with the current gamertag. i have tried removing it and re-linking it but it still wont let me claim my profile on the website. every time i click “claim profile” it just takes me to the account management page where i already have that account linked. i dont know what to do and i am super frustrated because i just want to claim my account.

old gamertag: MontanaMayhem79

new gamertag: HeyItsEmme