R6 Is tracking Kills and Deaths vice versa

Since the latest midseason patch the R6 tracker is wrongly tracking the games with the Kills and Deaths swapped around. Wins still count as wins tho. Stats like kills per game, K/D just drop the more kills you get.

Hi, yep, we’ve just noticed. This is a Ubi bug. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Bro, I went from a 1.7 KD to a 1.2 because of this wtf, I probably would be at a 2.0 rn

Its counting my deaths as kills and my kills as deaths, its not even possible to get 18 deaths in a game like wtf

Same here. It’s unbelievable, and now I can’t play for this bug

Hi, this issue was caused by Ubisoft in the Y8S3.3 patch. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to correct the issue. Have to hope they fix it asap.

The issue has been fixed, but we’re still waiting for a rollback on the games that were affected. Because of this our whole stats are messed up. Please fix this!

It’s not something we can fix. Ubisoft have fixed future matches, they didn’t correct games on the 10th and 11th.