R6 Regional Leaderboard

Hi im not showing up on the Regional leaderboard for Canada, Nova Scotia
was wondering if i could get put on there my ign is TransGirlAzura ive tried to update with my IP for the Geo Location but its been like 2-3 days and im still not showing up and there is no option to put my Province there so if possible please set it for me

Canada, Nova Scotia

@TransGirlAzura Your account is correctly set to the Canadian region which is identified by the flag near your username: R6Tracker - TransGirlAzura - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

At the moment, we do not support states/provinces as locations; however, Canada, if affected, would be the most accurate location we would accept.

Thank you

but on the leaderboard i can search canada then i can search nova scotia aswell and see people listed on that leaderboard

This is a legacy feature that is no longer available to users.