R6 tracker displays stats for my username

My old account name was thugco and I recently changed it to rcvhss and now you can look up thugco and see the old stats and look up Rcvhss and just see this season but with no other stats. Is there any way to link my old username stats to my new username?

Hi, searching up thugco returns no results on our end, or Ubi’s.

I’m seeing past seasons just fine?

I linked my Ubisoft to my Xbox account. My current stats are not showing. I’m currently bronze 3 on Rcvhss if you stay check the Xbox the stats will come up. But if you look up the username through Ubisoft it has all my past stats but not updated.

We don’t merge stats between PC and Xbox accounts. If you look at your Xbox account, you can see your current rank of Bronze 3.

I have the charms from hitting diamond on Xbox.

As I mentioned, nor we or Ubisoft merge stats between console and PC. Inventory items are merged, hence you have your charm.