R6 tracker not working for me

My Tracker has not been working for some time now. It has not shown any of my stats for well over a year now and it is frustrating. Would like some help on how to fix this

Hi, I’m presuming we are talking about lifetime or operator stats within the “Live Match” and “Operators” page? If so, the stats on this page are broken due to an issue caused by Ubisoft. We managed to fix most lifetime stats within our mobile app and site, however operator stats are still broken, we can’t do anything until Ubi fix it.

Hopefully they sort it soon, apologies.

Yes, also my live page doenst seem to work at all when im in game. Itll pull it up when i hit ctrl x in game but it just says waiting for next match every time.

Have you made sure that you’ve allowed Overwolf to run on windows start up, or at least have Overwolf open before you launch siege? It needs to be open before siege launches so that it can detect your opponents etc.

If Overwolf has been running before you launched siege, I would recommend reinstalling both Overwolf and our R6 Tracker App.


I have both installed.

I have both installed and running currentky and nothing comes up in live match

Yes, I’m asking if you could uninstall them both, then reinstall. Something may not have installed correctly the first time.

It actually worked! Thank you!

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