R6 Tracker Showing Wrong Stats - Radu_DA

Hello the R6 Tracker shows the wrong stats since today. It says that I’ve played thousands of Matches and have tens of thousands of kills/deaths when that is simply not true. I only have ~50h on Steam and ~100h on PlayStation. The wrong stats are shown on the PC profile for some reason. I really don’t know how this happened lol, I feel like it’s showing me the stats of another player so now it kinda defeats the purpose. I don’t have premium so can anyone tell me if tracker.gg can fix it?

Hey @Radu_DA , don’t worry; posting on the forums is still a way of contacting our team :slight_smile:

Thanks for this; it looks like your stats have now corrected.

Can you confirm things look more accurate now?

Yes, thank you!

Hello it changed again and now i have 8800 matches. What’s going on?