R6 Tracker stuck in last seasons stats, wont show icons or stats of live matches

tracker refuses to show my new stats or the stats ingame. Nothing is updated, even though I am on the proper version. I have uninstalled the application and reinstalled it twice. I would try and reset everything through overwolf in the new install and it would crash the installer. So I would be forced to keep the settings I had which after installed, would show last seasons stats still. When I load into a game, it will show the other players names on my team and the enemy, but their ranks will be question marks and if you click on their names it says failed to fetch information try again later. Any assisance? Also cannot put app logs in as they are 200kbs too big

Hi @Randumbs_Code,

Could you please upload your logs on this website and share a download link here?

We will review your logs to understand the issue.