R6 Tracker works only in menus

I remember awhile back when I played this game with r6 tracker, I used to be able to open the tracker in the middle of a round. However, that is not the case anymore, so i can no longer open the tracker if I am actively participating in/spectating a round. What is odd though is that it works everywhere else like the main menu and character selection screen. Issue exists for me on Vulkan and DirectX.

Hi @taa977,

Could you send us your logs to help us analyze the issue please?

if it helps, if i press Esc and “pause” the game in a multiplayer match, it lets me open and close the tracker as I please

Hey, we talked about it with the Overwolf team and they shared with us that there’s a hotkey issue with R6 at the moment. Something causes the hotkeys to not work while a match is ongoing.

It’s going to be fixed on hopefully the next version of Overwolf, will keep you posted.

Awesome. Thank you. Would you be able to ask them if they have a rough idea when this next version/patch could be released? If not, no worries.

They usually release new versions every month. We expect the next one in August or September.

@taa977 I received an update they will release a fix for this specifically in a week or less.

Hi, the issue is still present for me. Overwolf says it is up to date too. Did the update get delayed?

Sorry it took a lot of time @taa977, but the fix is now live.