R6S Tracker doesn't work well

Hey everyone in the TRN Tracker forum!

I wanted to share a little issue I’ve been having using the page. I use the tracker to follow
stats, but I’ve run into something weird.

So, I can see everything about other players, like their playtime, their top operators, and even their K/D ratio. But when I try to check my own data, I can’t access everything. I can see some stuff like matches played and eliminations, but I can’t see important details like my playtime and my top operators.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Thanks for the help!


Also I don’t speel very good English so if i make a mistake it’s because of that.

Hi, Ubisoft killed a lot of this data, hence why the data doesn’t exist/not update on all profiles.

We’ll remove the data once we can, as it’s old and become irrelevant.

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Hi, I’d like to bring up another issue. It seems that it’s not just an isolated problem with my account as mentioned earlier. My friends and other users can see statistics on my profile that I’m unable to view myself. What I mean is that if someone randomly tracks me, they are able to see my top operators and playtime, while I cannot access these stats on my own account.

Thanks again!

What’s your username and platform please?

“mwsae” on Xbox

I’ve manually searched what Ubisoft returns for your profile. It doesn’t return any operator stats, and the time played per mode.

I can only presume your friends are looking at the incorrect profile.

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Thank you for the assistance and the prompt response! It’s great to see such good support in action.