R6Tracker App crash (?) as soon as a match begins

Very simple:
I start the tracker, everything works perfectly, (I also checked the settings several times - everything in order), I start the game (after starting the app, as described by you in the resolutions of the Live Match functionality) and everything remains perfect.
I enter the queue (alone or with friends, ranked, unranked, free, event doesn’t matter) and everything remains functional until the game starts. For a very brief moment, the launcher can be seen switching to the “Live Match” tab and correctly loading all the participant data, to then close.
If I try to reopen it, the application loads the “Live Match” screen (logically indicating that I have to start a game to view the feature - it doesn’t recognize the game in progress, okay - and then do the same thing again in the next game).

I tried to check if there were problems with Windows Security, and both active and deactivated the problem occurs (in any case it never reports having blocked or interrupted processes).
I also tried to check if it was an Overwolf problem, but it doesn’t seem to be.

I encountered the problem in the new season (and which I really only started playing a couple of weeks ago), in which I carried out various tests. Driver updates, operating system or computer restart, I tried to use it with slightly different configurations (modified by the settings of both the computer and the application, and both at the same time). I don’t understand what it is due to if not a bug in the application.

Attached is the application log (after using it in 2 ranked games, 2 Rengoku events):
AppLogs_2023-06-30_18-04-51.zip (3.5 MB)

Hey @MoraGames

I have a suspicion on what the cause is. If you have another Siege PC account, could you see if you see issues on that account too?

Have you noticed when Siege restarts itself when launching sometimes (this happens for every PC player)? The next time it happens, I don’t think you’ll continue to see issues with the app.

Please update me if issues disappear after playing on another account, or after the scenario described above.

Thank you.

First, thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately I don’t have another PC R6 account, so I couldn’t verify this condition.

However, I am aware of the phenomenon of restarting on launching, and it seemed to me that it had already happened in these 2 weeks of time, but maybe I’m wrong, not having paid particular attention to it.
I’ll keep an eye on this event, and update you if anything changes after it. Operationally is there a way I should behave (use / not use the Application until then, rather than avoid reopening it in game or similar) or anything should be fine, being related to an external factor?

Okay, Idk why but apparently it fixed itself.
This evening the reboot for the update while loading “finally” happened, but the tracker was working since the day before yesterday (with no apparent changes?).

Now everything is fine, all the features work, thank you.

Good to hear! It’s a bit of a nightmare trying to sort issues caused by Ubi’s new security system. Affects users in different ways.

Hopefully the issue won’t return.