Rainbow 6 Siege Tracker App - Troubleshooting

There is a new game patch and the app doesn’t work for me. Why?

Currently, in most cases, when there is a new game patch, the Overwolf team needs to re-enable their API so things will work as intended. There is a service status in the app that indicates if the app is having issues, or if everything is working normally.

When the API is down after a patch, in some cases, you will not be able to see the loading notification or access the “Live Match” features. This would be temporary, usually a day or two max, but only for big game patches.



I can’t see the app’s overlay in-game

There are a few possibilities for this:

  1. You installed the app while the game is still running. If that’s the case, please quit Rainbow Six Siege, restart Overwolf, and then launch the game again.
  2. You need to make sure that Overwolf’s overlay settings for Rainbow Six Siege is set to “Enabled”, so the overlay will work in-game.

It’s something else…

We’ll be happy to hear you out. Please let us know with a new post if you have any questions or issues.