Regional leaderboard I’ve been waiting 2 days or more

How do I fix when I can’t get on the regional leaderboard when I been waiting for 2 days and I’m still not in place 69 or better on win% I have 29.10% please fix this I’m on Canada

Hi @Anthony_is_bull,

I checked your linked accounts but I could not find your Fortnite profile on our website. Could you please try to re-link your Epic Games account?

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Still does not work so how do I fix it now

Could you send a link to your Fortnite profile on our website?

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How do i do that I’m on Nintendo is this what you mean

Yes, thank you.

Please pay attention to how your nickname is written in your profile and your account settings:



We cannot update your country in your profile because nicknames are not the same (spaces are missing in your account settings). Could you please clarify if you unlinked your Epic Games account and then linked it again? You should try to link your Epic Games account using a different browser. Also, have you used the same nickname without spaces in the past?