Remove Ban History From My Account

I was not very recently hacked but recently recovered my account and unbanned I have much proof of the account being hacked and much proof that it wasn’t me who got the account banned would like someone to help me out to remove my ban from my profile and I’m willing to provide as much information needed, Thanks.


We do not remove bans unless Ubisoft has confirmed directly that another user’s account was stolen/hijacked and then used for malicious activity OR a ban was applied in error.

If you request that we remove your ban history, please provide evidence of your account login activity and chat records with Ubisoft for that period.

We are not currently removing ANY ban without solid evidence.

where do you want me to reply with evidence because every time i make a forum you guys dont respond

  1. Now if you can
  2. if you have linked evidence before just forward that link

in this photo it shows i was unbanned for a incorrectly applied in-game ban is this enough? this is steam though ill send another photo of a ubisoft support email

and in this photo it shows ubisoft support understand i was banned when i was hacked. pls let me know if this is enough