Remove Inactive/Spam Accounts

I made several Valorant accounts with the name “Fentyl” I was wondering if the inactive ones could be removed. Anytime I type "Fentyl#… it would show a list of other Fentyl accounts that I created. These other accounts are essentially spam, and I would like my main account more noticed.

Here is a list of accounts I created that I would like removed:

The other Fentyl accounts, besides the ones listed, are not made by me. Obviously I don’t want those removed they are not made by me.

Hi, unfortunately we cannot fulfill your request. It’s best you change the username on these accounts and play a match on each account afterwards (can be a spike rush or another quick mode).

BTW, if you sign into our website and link your account, you can access your account without even searching it up each time.

I can’t access those other accounts because they are banned. The name is changed on their website but Tracker Network displays their old name. Are those accounts going to appear on TRN permanently?