Removing After Match Report?

Good Day,

I emailed support last night, both on Overwolf and WZ Stat Tracker. I requested a guide for removing the following photo. But have yet to hear anything. Does anyone know how to prevent this from popping up? The only way I’ve been able to do so, is when I disable the app in overwolf, but then the live match doesn’t populate.

I am a premium member as well.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @hlghball,

There is currently no option to remove this window completely, but we can add it in the app settings for premium members only. We will try to release it in one of the next updates.

As of now, you can press any hotkey twice (Alt+T or Alt+V) to minimize this window. (Unfortunately, there is no minimize button in this window because of technical limitations in Warzone.)

I appreciate the reply. It’s a great idea for easy advertising, but very obnoxious when you are trying to just pull up the live feed. I look forward to seeing it in a future update! Hopefully sooner than later :wink: