Replay upload stuck on "waiting for response"

Hi, When trying to upload the replay files, it uploads the files very quickly then just gets stuck on “waiting for response” and doesn’t move on even after waiting for 10-15 minutes. The FAQ on the upload page makes it seem only free users have an upload limit, I purchased TRN premium and there’s no mention of an upload limit for premium members on the page so that shouldn’t be an issue?

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Hi, could you attach the replay file you’re trying to upload please? There could be a bug that prevents us from reading the file correctly.

If this forum doesn’t allow you to upload the replay file, please use and attach a share link.


Same here.

Hi, it does the same on all replay files I try not just this one. But here is one I’ve been trying from today. UnsavedReplay-2024.05.01-19.10.21

I left one for just over 4 hours yesterday and it still never got past the “waiting for response” stage.

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Your replay was uploaded successfully for me:


Could you open the dev tools in your browser (here is an example for Chrome: Open Chrome DevTools  |  Chrome for Developers) and check if you see any errors in Console and Network tabs once you start uploading your replay?


Could you also check if uploading works for you in a different browser?

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(post deleted by author)

I noticed some errors due to the adblocker, so I tried turning that off and reloading. I still got errors, as you can see, with the number in the grey circle next to the last one incrementing every 4 seconds or so ad infinitum. It would seem the GET request is failing.