Request for Unban and Review of My Tracker Page

I have discovered that my player profile has been banned from the R6tracker leaderboard. This has come as a surprise to me, as the ban was implemented without a clearly stated reason, and I believe it to be in error. As a professional player, having access to my stats and being visible on the regional leaderboard is crucial not only for my personal monitoring but also for maintaining visibility in the competitive scene.

You can verify my professional status and recent activity through the following links:

Liquipedia: [Neon - Liquipedia Rainbow Six Wiki] (Neon - Liquipedia Rainbow Six Wiki)
SiegeGG: [Neon — SiegeGG] (

Given the nature of this issue, I kindly request a review of my case and the lifting of the ban on my tracker page. I am eager to resolve this matter swiftly and would appreciate any information you can provide about the reason behind the ban.

Thank you for looking into this issue. I am looking forward to your prompt response and am hopeful for a positive resolution.

Hi @Neon - I received your email yesterday; I will reply once it is reviewed. This will likely be today :slight_smile: