[Rocket League] API error 403 "You cannot consume this service"

Dear tracker.gg-Team,

i think there is something wrong with the rocket-leage-api.
Works fine for month but since ~couple of days i get following response:
Status-Code: 403
message: You cannot consume this service

apex api works fine with same api-key and rl the last month as wall
Is something broke with the rl-api?
Or some changes i didnt recognize?
I do round about 1-5 requests a day.

URL: https://public-api.tracker.gg/v2/rocket-league/standard/profile/steam/ID + api-key in the header

Sorry for the broken english =)
Regards Zack

PS: Thanks for your work on this platform

I’m getting the same issue now for the VALORANT API as well. Weird.


I’ve passed these comments over to someone far more qualified than myself; once I hear back i’ll post a further update.

Thank you

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Hi @ZackEndboss,

Unfortunately, we do not offer public APIs for Rocket League. They were available because of a backend issue and cannot be used anymore. Please check the games we support APIs for on this page:


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Can we get a better answer than just that? Back to scraping the webpage, I guess

what kind of answer would you want? no, we don’t and won’t offer an API for RL; both hitting endpoints and scraping the site will result in limits and blocks.

the only chance of creating anything sustainable on a bigger scale is contacting Psyonix.

Thanks for the Info.

I was only using the API for a command line app so that I could track multiple accounts at once - it’s much faster and it means I don’t have to deal with the super slow web interface, and now that’s shut down. Very frustrating.

They were available because of a backend issue and cannot be used anymore.

lol. that backend “issue” sounds a lot like a feature, one which i had been depending on for months. i know the real reasons behind it and those reasons are bullshit. please delete all my accounts and data, i have no need for it any longer.

I can assure you that is not the case; we apologise for this as we know it’s not ideal.

Thank you