Rocket league MMR

The rocket league tracker graph showed my correct MMR at the end of the season in 2s (2003) yesterday, but currently shows an incorrect MMR after the season reset (1940). The matches tab shows my final MMR for the season but the graph shows a previous MMR value, i’m wondering why the 2003 MMR disappeared and is instead showing an earlier value.

Can I have a link to your profile?

Your S24 stats show the 2003 value?

I know it does, just wondering why the skill rating graph doesn’t show it

As far as i know the Graph updates once or twice a day, meaning that if the season ended before the graph updated it didnt update to your peak of 2003 instead shows 1940 which was your latest updated mmr.

Graph updates daily and records the OLDEST value for that day.

All good. The graph showed 2003 on the night but when i refreshed the next morning it was gone