Rocket league tracker app overlay - linux support?


I like what you guys do in terms of metrics for the different games. while I would like other stats to be shown as interesting, well, I am a free user so I will not bother you guys with that you’re doing already a great job.

I am a rocket league player and run the game through wine (lutris).
Is it not the best in terms of performance but it gets the job done.

so, I have a wine machine running EOG, EOS and the game over my linux setup.

my question is if the tracker app overlay could be run through wine?
I have tried just running it on the wine prefix and it did give back an error:

failed to start application, please contact support


So do you already have a procedure to install it on a wine machine? what are the DLLs, components or configs to do on the wine prefix to make it run?

thank you !