Rocket League Tracker reset last season peak rank with this seasons reset

As the title says the rocket league tracker changed my peak rank for last season when the ranks reset for this season, peak was champ (1116mmr) now shows my diamond 1050 current new season rank after drop… image shows in bottom right. EDIT: not just the one rank either it was all of my ranks… and no longer shows matches played

I have the same problem here. My peak ranks with MMR got reset with this new season. In 1v1s last season I peaked at Diamond 1 divison 2 (819 MMR). In 2v2s, I peaked at Champ 2 division 1 (1203 MMR) at the end of last season. I also peaked at Champ 1 divison 4 (1171 MMR) somewhere in last season. Then besides that also a few extra gamemodes aren’t being shown correctly to my actual peak ranks for these playlists.

As of now, my peak ranks are shown to be Plat 3 (809 MMR) in 1v1s, Champ 1 (1157 MMR) in 2v2s and Diamond 3 (1016) MMR. These are wildly incorrect and it doesn’t give a good feeling.

Could this be solved? I will paste my RLT link underneath this message, to view my profile for proof, the section ‘Skill Rating’ will prove my peak ratings from last season.

Link: MrDisaster25's Rocket League Stats - Rocket League Tracker

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Hi @Zeek1041,

Could you confirm if your issues are fixed?