Rocket Racing Leaderboard / Profile

Does anyone else have the problem that their rockect racing ranked stats are not update yet since the update came out ? My profile still shows unrated even though I am currently Diamond 3…

@Rohan7 Update* Epic didn’t reset ranks for Rocket Racing & they have not separated anything following the latest update.

This is why we don’t currently display anything under the CH5 S2 header.

It’s a little confusing, but this is the way it is right now.

We’ll likely make updates to how this is displayed on profiles in the near future :slight_smile: - Thank you

Hi @Rohan7, I’ve had further comments from the team on this.

Your Rocket Racing Rank should now be reflecting correctly: Rohanメ’s Fortnite Stats - Fortnite Tracker


Thanks for the repsonse! Have a great one

For some reason my rank says it unranked when im silver 3

@GiorgiosGames_YT Please play a couple of Battle Royale matches for your Rocket Racing rank to synchronise :slight_smile:

Thank you