Says Ubisoft account is banned

I am able to use stat tracker for my Xbox gamer tag but when I use my Ubisoft ID it says I am banned is there any way to fix this?(link to r6 tracker) R6Tracker - BadderFir645762 - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

Hi, it’s not saying you are currently banned. It’s saying you’ve had a botting ban in the past.

This botting ban could be from another account that was linked to your PC account at the time. If you get banned on Xbox for example, Ubisoft bans your PC/PSN accounts linked to your Xbox account too.

I thought that was the case but it doesn’t show any of my stats as if I actually am banned is it possible to remove the banner and have my stats show again?

Thank you for responding quickly.

You’re looking at your PC stats which aren’t synced with console stats. Select Xbox/PSN before searching your username.