Searching Steam vanity ID does not work for some players

Looking up using Steam numerical ID works fine. Looking up using the ID in their vanity URL (not to be confused with their Steam display name) does not work for a subset of players. Instead it gives a 404 error, player not found. I suspect this has to do with whether or not they have been looked up using this recently, or something to that effect. I would suggest something like caching of vanity ID results from before, while not allowing new vanity ID lookups.


  • Working:
  • Not working:
    • VanityID: King-Roald, numID: 76561198076146935
    • VanityID: Kyra_RL, numID: 76561198074643732

I would have put more links to make this easier for the reader to check, but as a new user I can only put two. So you’ll have to do the searches manually.

It has been like this for some time now. Several months at least. A couple of years wouldn’t surprise me either.