Seasonal stats on ranked

Hey guys, I’ve been using the r6 stat tracker for some time now and this season my seasonal stats don’t seem to be registering on the site, any fixes for this? As I like to track where and what I’m doing and using etc.

Hi, your seasonal stats don’t show, or your lifetime stats? There’s an issue on Ubi’s end which is preventing lifetime and operator stats from updating, however there should be no issues for seasonal stats?

If the issue definitely is seasonal stats, please let me know your: username, platform, approximate level in game.


Its my seasonal stats, nothing appears on the tab but I’m assuming my lifetime aren’t updating either not that I’ve checked vigorously.

I need the details I mentioned above to help you.

Sorry hadn’t seen that.
AzogTd1- username

Seasonal stats look fine to me? Do these not look right?