Sign in issue with the app

The app won’t let me sign in, I changed my username not too long ago. And it worked fine with my new one until now. It signed me out. When i try to sign in with riot the only option is my old username and says it can’t ‘find’ the player when I link my old profile to the app. I don’t know what to do. I tried uninstalling the app, clearing the data but nothing works.

which app? overwolf app? mobile app?

The tracker network app

I’m using the Tracker Network app on Android (v12). I didn’t have any issues signing in like so:

  • Open the App
  • Click the “More” button on the bottom right
  • Click “Sign In” at the bottom
  • Sign in with my Tracker Network credentials (I created them beforehand, haven’t tried registering on the app)
  • Successful sign in

To make sure, I signed out and signed back in without any issue.

Did you change your Tracker username? With which account (Tracker, Riot, etc.) are you attempting to sign in?

I changed my valorant username on the riot website. But can’t link my new riot username with the tracker app when I link profile? It only gives me old one as an option and when I try continuing to sign with the my old riot details it says it doesn’t recognise it.

I can search up my new username/pfp on the app and view the stats but not through my profile which is more convenient