[Site Update] My VALORANT Stats Have Changed, Why?

We’ve completely changed the way we gather your VALORANT stats. Our new data source allows us to track your stats much more accurately, correct known issues, and show you some very interesting new stats!

As of 31st Aug 2022, we’ve taken our first step in moving over to this new system. With this update, some stats will look slightly different, here’s what we’ve changed:

  • Map stats - Some matches on Icebox were missing, the issue has now been corrected.

  • Damage - A small fix in Damage calculation slightly increased values.

  • Attacker/Defender stats - Overtime rounds were not being calculated correctly.

  • Attacker/Defender stats - Certain defender values were showing as attacker values (and vice versa).

  • First bloods - Lifetime values were bugged, the issue has now been corrected.

  • Aces - Lifetime values were overstated, values are now correct.

  • Ties - Tied matches were previously counted as losses in some areas of the sites/apps.

  • Ability kills/match - Stats removed due to inaccuracies.

The new system will allow us to get information from your matches that you’ve never seen before. You can stay tuned for future updates via our Twitter and Discord.

Is there anyway to get like a top performance tab? To see like which games we did our best in maybe like top 5 or something? Just a thought thank yall <3

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Yes sir. We’ll look to adding.

If possible id like to know head shot % for death matches. Thanks

Riot doesn’t provide the information, so not possible at the moment, sorry!

Bro how about you read the forum and answer - ADR is bugged, HS% is bugged - the stats on your site are basically useless. It’s actually hard to tell which one is correct. Do something lol

We’re looking at issues with ADR. What do you mean headshot % is bugged? You need to be specific.

Hi, thanks for the update.

One issue I have is Chamber’s headhunter/ult kills are shown as “Melee”. Maybe you can fix it if the API shows it correctly :slight_smile: Thanks.

Attacker/Defender stats - Certain defender values were showing as attacker values (and vice versa).

A lot of my attack/defense stats are still backwards, including on a game I played yesterday after this update. Also, will this fix be applied to old stats that are reversed?

I can verify that Chamber’s Headhunter/Tour De Force abilities and Neon’s Overdrive are not being counted towards Melee, as we can see them being counted towards a different weapon identifier. We will work on making those numbers visible.

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Are you talking about the detailed match page? We are working on a fix for that. It is unrelated to this specific update though.

Yes, I was referring to the Overview tab in the Match Report (when a specific player performance is highlighted). Good to know that it’s being worked on. Was this update for global stats then, say for a given agent or map? At a glance, those do now seem more accurate than they used to.

Thanks for the quick reply by the way! I love having numbers to look at, so it’s great to know you’re actively working on making them more accurate!

Can you do something to see all your playtime on valorant (at least in game), you already can see that in each mode but not altogether I believe

Would it be possible to get more detailed info about the agents played on each maps? e.g. how many times I played Jett on Icebox, how my K/D looks like, …
Maybe the same in reverse regarding the agents. That for example on Sova it shows me how good I was on each map.

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Hey, this is on the to-do-list!

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What happened to replication, it’s been gone for a while now…

Sorry, not sure what you mean… We’re still showing stats for this game mode. Can you be more specific please? Thanks.

Coming soon. Thanks for the suggestion.