So my steak is about to be reset tho Ive played 20+ rounds today?

I’m on day 58 of my 60 day streak and though it’s showing I’ve played many matches today it’s saying I haven’t logged one for my steak.

Any ideas here?

This also caused my xp multiplier to reset from 2.9 to 1. So that’s fun.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ll investigate it and in the mean time I’ve set your streak back to 58 days.

Thanks. Didn’t seem to reset on my side. A few days in my steak is still not registering, and my xp multiplier is reset, it’s not registering most of my games for xp either. I’ve somehow only accrued 40xp since it reset.

Okay a few hours later, here’s where we’re at… my streak is restored, as well as my xp multiplier, and still no additional xp, and still says streak at risk, yet it has games showing under matches for today

Thanks for looking into it when you have time. :pray:

Unfortunately this appears to be tied to data reporting issues which will be unresolvable in a reasonable timeframe. I understand this is super disappointing. I’ve credited your account for the 60 days streak and we’re going to work to fix these issues as soon as possible. We don’t currently have the ability to pause streaks.

No worries, I appreciate you what you’ve done thus far! I’ll keep an eye on it and when I notice it’s grinding again I’ll know you did your thing! :pray: