Someone claimed my psn name

someone took my psn name on TRN any help how i can get it back

Hello @AECALSYT and welcome to the TRN forums!

Please note that I am not with TRN so I can only help insofar as my knowledge I’ve picked up perusing the forums and their Discord.

I had a quick look at your profile here:

Can you confirm that’s your PSN profile? The tracker website is listing the account as being private.

One thing I could think for you to do is try to link it through the Linked Accounts page, or is that where you’re getting the message that someone is already using the account?

Another thing you can do is try to make your account public so you can ensure that it’s your account you’re trying to add (not missing characters, misspelling, etc.). You can learn more about that here:

Happy to help where I can! Please let me know if any of the above works for you.

my psn is called AECALS it says that its claimed by a person from a different country. its claimed by a person whos useing the Syrian flag. btw the game that i play is called black ops 4

@AECALSYT To verify your PSN ID Ownership please send PSN ID ‘TRN-Support’ a message saying ‘Tracker’ (Or anything really doesn’t matter)

With this, I’ll be able to start account verification and make sure the correct accounts are linked up.

Thank you

my psn id is AECALS it says i cant claim my psn name on this side

how can i show u that i own the psn AECALS

@AECALSYT LJM is asking if you would send a private message to one of their accounts to verify ownership.

LJM asked if you would send a message to the PSN ID “TRN-Support”. The message can be anything, just make sure you send it from your account (AECALS) so they can confirm you own the account and start linking things up for you.

il do it when home again can take a couple of days

i have send him a message on psn

but he has not responded to me

@LJM pinging for visibility - can you confirm you received the message from the user?

vindictivesmurf i can also send u a message on psn if u want

@AECALSYT I’m not affiliated with TRN - I’m just trying to help :slight_smile:

Nothing I can do here in this instance

oh i didnt know he hast responded to me

is there another way to get in contact with him since his not responted to my message

@AECALSYT Thank you for now messaging me on PSN so I’ve been able to verify your PSN ID.

Please now direct message me your email address and I’ll send over some information for you and we’ll discuss the options we have.

Thank you

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my gmail is REDACTED

I’ll email you some information now; I’ll also remove your email from that message for your security

its been a long time since we talked but ive still not being able to get my psn on this website any help?