Someone faking region on the regional leaderboards


I am writing a post to report a player for faking their region on the Regional Rocket League Leaderboards.

A Danish player by the name of ‘Creamyy’ has changed his region from Denmark to Guernsey to try and be No.1 on the leaderboards. Usually I wouldn’t go out of my way to report something like this, however, being one of the extremely few Esport players in Guernsey I get frequent messages and support from people who are excited to see someone from here be quite high up. He appears to be quite toxic judging by what he posts, alongside other peoples personal experiences with him, so I can imagine encounters he would get from locals here would be really bad :frowning:

I hope whoever sees this can help, I am unsure how terms of service goes for people falsifying their regional status - especially to gain positions and to troll. :frowning:

Thank you for your time,


Issue has been resolved with :smiley:
Massive thanks.