Stats aren't correct

I’ve played R6 for a few years and have played a lot I heard about this tracker and wanted to see my stats and when I found my R6 account it said I’ve never played the game before and had no matches kills or any other stats
^ My account

To confirm, you play on PC, and your username is ROYALDJ3? (I’ve purposely put your name in all caps here).

I have a feeling you may have provided the wrong link to your profile, as Ubisoft is saying you’ve never played the game.

Turns out I accidentally made two Ubisoft accounts but neither of them are showing my correct stats it wont let me post my account link because some pop up on my screen says there is an error with my account link. Also my account username is royal_dj3

You didn’t answer my question regarding the platform you play on.

It seems you play on PSN? You need to select PSN before searching your username.

yep it works now thanks

My stats are wrong also I was platinum 5 in y8s3 but it says I was bronze 2, in the season before I was silver 5