Stats Not Showing Accurately

I have been playing Siege since close to release and should have years of stats to account for. None of them are showing up… These last few seasons, none of them are accurate or updated. I was Plat in ranked 2 seasons ago and it hasn’t shown up. I placed Emerald 1 the next season and it isn’t showing up. I can’t get an accurate display of my MMR or rank since they aren’t displaying for the last few seasons. Any fix for it or anything that can be done? It’s bugging me and people I play w.

Hi, what’s your username and platform you play on please?

Can you also confirm you haven’t been switching platforms? E.g. switched from xbox to pc and expected ranks to carry over.

Please also note that for Ranked 2.0 seasons, we can no longer update/refresh older seasons.

Flaaze and Xbox. I’ve loaded Siege on PC twice just to see what it felt like, I didn’t play anything or expect anything to carry over. I’m less concerned about the older seasons and really just want to see my recent few and have an accurate look at those.

Hello my rank from last season y8 s4 doesn’t say the right thing. It says I was D1 but I hit champ and have all the rewards in game and everything.

Not sure if r6 tracker just didn’t Update it but please get back to me.

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To confirm, the current season stats are showing correctly?

Unfortunately we cannot refresh older seasons anymore. More info here (applies to you too @Boinkaset): R6 Siege: My Peak Rank Is Incorrect : Tracker Network

No. No season stats are showing since Grim Sky. I haven’t played much in between then and Heavy Mettle/Deep Freeze. Yet I did pick the game up the past few seasons and have reached newer ranks and MMR. None of that, including the current season Deadly Omen, are showing up.

We can look at why deadly omen is showing up correctly, we can’t fix other ranked 2.0 seasons unfortunately.

What’s your username and platform please?

Deadly Omen stats are NOT showing correctly! Why can you not display the last 2-3 season? People I play with and against all have their stats updating constantly yet mine haven’t shown anything past or present that’s accurate.

As previously stated I am on Xbox and my gt is Flaaze

Stats are showing my friends account and i want bring my account stats back