Stats not tracked for a season

my account says that i didn’t play at all during a season i played, the seasons being y8 season 1, 2, and 3. also 2 was a season i played alot i have no idea why it isn’t showing up

Hi, are we talking about this account here?

yes that is my account

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. Ubisoft changed the way their API works, we can no longer update past season stats. We can’t manually change stats either. I guess you, or nobody else looked your profile up during these seasons.

To prevent the issue from happening in the future, you have a few options:

  1. You need to visit your profile(s) on our site after you’ve finished playing for the season.
  2. Visit your profile(s) on our site just before the next season begins. You can get reminders by joining our Discord, following us on X(Twitter) & turning on notifications.
  3. TRN Premium will automatically keep your account updated, just link your Ubisoft account to your TRN Premium account.