Streak about to be broken for no reason

I’m using Android version of the app and tracking Rocket League stats, today I’ve played some matches and opened the app to track them, and they appear within the app (as shown in one of the screenshots) but on the dashboard where the streak is tracked it doesn’t do anything when I press check for matches and still warns me that the steak is about to be broken (as shown in another screenshot). What can I do about this and why is it not working properly?

Hi, thanks for the bug report. We identified an issue with tracking Rocket League matches in our XP system and have deployed a fix. I’ve retroactively shielded your streak so you should see the prior streak number recovered. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for the quick resolution, so is there anything I can do to prevent the bug from happening again or should it just be fixed now?

Should be fixed now but please don’t hesitate to reach out again if you notice anything off.

It happened again…
Played for hours and tried for hours to make the matches count but it just doesn’t work, broke my streak again, and it still isn’t counting my games even when new day began

I think you may be running into a limitation of our ability to accurately track matches. It looks like you may be checking in after 12am, after having played from say 9pm to 12am. When you check in, the matches are recorded at the time of collection – NOT at the time they were played (an unavoidable limitation in our system), which happens during checkin.

There is a way to avoid this – keep the app open and check it periodically while you play. New matches will then be more likely to be logged on the correct day that they were played on.

For Rocket League, we don’t really have a good way around this unfortunately. You can also consider keeping the mobile app open on your phone while you play, and it will automatically update every few minutes, which should record the matches at a more correct time.

If you play on PC you can also consider using our Overwolf app, which will also help record those matches more accurately.

I’ve recovered your streak as I understand this is our fault, but please consider one of the options mentioned above!

That is not true, I kept checking in throughout the day and constantly while I play, before 12AM, I only posted here after I finally saw that it won’t register no matter what.

As you can see in the first post I wrote “about to be broken” before it was even 12AM, I keep checking throughout the day always, it worked no problem for the first 20 days but now it keeps bugging out.

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Also I seem to have lost a couple days from the streak due to all of this bugs? I was on a 21 streak on Thursday meaning I should be at 25 as of today on Monday? But it says 23 currently

@RelaxTRN Thanks for your persistence. We investigated further and found 2 additional bugs which may have been impacting you and others. We’ve updated your streak to reflect the real streak and a fix for those bugs has been deployed. Once again, if you experience issues please let us know. And thanks again for working with us, I know this has been frustrating.