Streak is incorrectly broken yet again

I’m using the iOS app to track Rocket League stats. Today, I played some matches but the app warned me that I was about to lose my streak - and now I have lost my streak and have also been demoted because my XP and daily check-in were not registered.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened, either - which is extremely disappointing and frustrating. I have been wanting to upgrade fo Premium to remove ads and support the site, but I cannot justify doing that right now when it is so glitchy and does not work properly :frowning:

Hi Dusty, as mentioned in other threads you’re in, we’ve fixed a couple bugs which should address the issue you were seeing. I’ll get your streak restored for you.

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Thank you @Loch I’d appreciate having my streak restored. I should also be in Legend division and not Hero division.