Streak lost again

I lost an 80 streak, you can look at my match history and stuff and you can see I havent missed a day.

Your streak has been restored. I see you’ve missed no days, so this is definitely a bug. Looking into it now. Thanks.

Edit: There is a 40 hour gap in your record, which, when translated to your local timezone (+11:00) means a full calendar day was missed. Your streak will remain restored as a courtesy. We’re working on improving your ability to maintain your streak by other means, as we know it can be challenging to strictly maintain a streak by playing games.

Hi Loch,

Today epic games have major problems on their servers in every game. I tried almost 4 hours of login in at epic to play rocketleague to maintain my 63 streak and get my 64th today

At 23:50 i could finally log in and played a match that ended at 23:57 according

I had trn app open the whole time and i tried to refresh it so many times but unfortunately it didnt get the information in time and now my streak is gone. If you look at you can see they still have major problems.

I just noticed my xp boost of 3.1 multiplier os also resetted to 1.0

Can you fix my streak and my xp boost?

Thanks in advance

thank you so much!!