Streak tracker broken/bugged

Android Galaxy S22 Ultra
Account RL Name: Xo7ic (Epic Games)

I have been playing Rocket League for 102 days and my streak just reset to 1 today. I’ve been in the tracker daily since the start of my streak and also played matches daily like I’m supposed to. I rechecked/relogged in yesterday but was in tracker before and after my matches played on 3/27 and then it reset today.

It seems some days no matter how many matches I play it takes a minute to refresh even after hitting “Check for Match” Some days it doesnt even work regardless of matches played

Also every time I try to buy credits in the mobile app to recover my bugged/lost RL streak. It crashes and doesnt let me buy any, even after redownlading/resetting the app/my phone

@Xo7ic Hey, just to let you know that our mobile app team is aware of your case and will review it in the coming days.

Keep playing as usual and build a new streak; if applicable, we would likely reinstate your streak, + your new streak would add to the prior total.


Appreciate the heads up. I will patiently wait/continue my streak. Thank you again

@Xo7ic Just checkig in! Did your streak get reinstated?

Sorry for the late response, but unfortunately no. I’m currently at a streak of 10 as of today

I’ve asked my colleague to review this for you as he handles the streak system.


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Thank you again for your persistence on this. Obv this is a big enough of an issue I know it won’t be instant haha. Take your time

@Xo7ic Your streak was instated; sadly, Rocket League is complicated to track, so this will likely break again.

We are trying to figure something out, so apologies for this.

Thank you

Thank you for fixing this. At the very least I am on track to reach my goal of 120 days. If it breaks again I’ll bring it up to you guys. Appreciate the communication and persistence :slight_smile: