TFT Tracker Not Displaying Please Help

Hello. Every since the new patch update my tracker has not been working, it doesn’t show the rank and instead shows the word “loading”. Please help! NA Account: Linsins


Please could you try regenerating your OBS link? Working for me.

it still just shows “loading” on OBS. On the website it does display my rank, but once I pasted the overlay URL onto OBS it just shows loading.

Was this ever resolved? I have the same issue: it just says “loading” and doesn’t actually show the image that I see on

same issue here, any solution?

Hi @leafninja67 @LordBayes @RaFiki_TFT,

Please make sure your OBS is running on the latest update. We’ve heard from other users that this has solved the issue.


I have the same issue and I updated my OBS and nothing has changed.

I have the latest Update, but I still have the same issue
it shows on the website but still loading on OBS.