The bar below a gamemode under playlist

What is the grey and blue bars below the gamemodes under playlist the grey bars sometime a dot so I thought maybe a progression bar but its unclear.

Hi @Honeybadgersoul,

The dot indicates your placement in the global leaderboard (in your example, it is the Dropshot leaderboard). The leftmost dot position corresponds to the last place, while the rightmost dot position corresponds to the first place in the leaderboard.

Okay thanks, is there anyway to see how much until the next division in between ranks or ranks themselves?

Is this the data you are looking for?

Please note that you should select a playlist to get the correct data.

Yes how does mmr work because ill carry 2 lemmings against other silver/golds and get almost 1k and get 7 mmr also win and still go down 14

Unfortunately, MMR in Rocket League is beyond our scope. We get these values from the game API, while MMR gains and losses are configured by the game developers.