The location is being reset

Good afternoon, today there was not a pleasant situation, I go to check where I am in the ranking in Russia for murders on wraith (apex legends) and I’m not there, I go to the settings and I can’t save the geo location, it resets every time

and I also tied a twitch, but for some reason it did not display like other players (this is an example Screenshot by Lightshot)

  1. What is your platform/gamertag?
  2. When did you add your geo location; as it can take 24~ hours to full process on leaderboards.

Thank you

2)I was in the leaderboard, and then disappeared, I decided to add the country again, and my reset is simply not saved, but writes that the geo location has been preserved

  1. origin \ nickname shyeto

Can you please confirm your region is still set here: and that your origin ID is linked here - Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Screenshots would help.

Thank you

I can’t send the second screen, because I am forbidden to post links on this host

Sorry, the system recognized it as suspicious.

It should be visible now. @LJM

everything is fine, everything is tied, but I do not appear in the rating in Russia

I’ll pass this over to the dev’s to review.

Thank you