The main account that is in view on the app is not me

ever since i got the app it has only been displaying my friends stats and not mine is their anyway i can fix this

Hi @OwenBabe,

Does it happen in our desktop app or mobile app?

Hi LostBlood,

I have a similar issue, my xbox account is RLC, however when I type it in to the xbox r6 tracker the stats are not mine.

Is there any fix for this?

Many Thanks

Ubi are returning 3 xbox players named “rlc”. This happens when the previous owner of that gamertag doesn’t log into the game after the name change.

Assuming this profile is yours based of the text case: R6Tracker - RLC - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats


Yes, the one you sent is my profile.

Is there any way to make that one show when you search RLC via the Xbox section?

Many Thanks

It’ll probably correct itself if you use that link a few times and wait a few days.

Okay thank you, it now shows my account however the stats are not updating

Seems fine to me, matches what Ubi is reporting.

Yeah, it’s fine now, ty.

It hadn’t moved in a day or so

Never mind, it has not updated in a couple of days when I search up RLC