the tracker is not synchronized

Hello, A few weeks ago, I discovered your website for tracking stats in the Apex game. Yesterday, I decided to install the application. I registered and linked my account. However, the app does not show my current stats throughout the game, and it only shows statistics from the time the app is launched. Is there any way for me to synchronize all my data with the site in order to see my complete stats? Thank you for your attention.

Hi @H1T1ko,

Thank you for using our products!

As you probably noticed already, it may be rather difficult to update your Apex Legends stats on our website (I refer to the fact that you have to equip stat banners for us to track your stats) due to the limitations imposed by the game developers. In addition to it, the amount of information that we can extract is extremely limited.

We have to deal with these limitations on the website, but we still want to give our users a better way to track their stats, we want to give them access to more information about their performance as well. In order to achieve this, we decided to build a tool that tracks stats in a different way.

Unlike the website, the app that you installed tracks your stats locally only while you play, as this is currently the only way to get detailed match reports, weapon stats, stats per game mode, and some other information. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we cannot sync this data between the website and the app.

We understand that these options are not perfect, but we hope that you will use our website to track your lifetime stats and you will use our app to track and analyze your most recent performance.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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