The UI is blocking the leaderboard

I dont know why but the timeline for valorant tracker ui is keep on covering the scoreboard.
Whenever I press tab I want to see both the scoreboard and the timeline but since the timeline is covering the part of the scoreboard, i cant see some of the enemy’s kda. What should I do

Hey @Flobbyy, I’m sorry about that. Can you please tell me what is your game resolution and aspect ratio?

Thank you!

I am playing on 1920x1080 resolution and the aspect ratio is 16:9

There is no point of using this app when the ui is literally covering the scoreboard that i cannot see the opponent stats. Please fix it asap

@Flobbyy I’m sorry about that, this is something we are still looking into fixing, it’s taking more time than expected.

In the meantime, A fix on your side could be to change the hotkey of the app’s timeline (from Tab to any other key) for now, or clear the hotkey by clicking X next to it on the overwolf settings. It will remove this feature for you.

Also @Flobbyy, can you please check that your resolution settings are the same in Valorant and in Windows? Thank you.

both my resolution settings for valorant and windows are 1920x1080.

I want to add something to this, I have my monitor on 3800xsome number (not important), but I play my game in 1920x1080. Every time I play Valorant and try to use the app, it literally only shows up about the half so I can’t even see the whole window. If I set it to tab key then I can’t see most of the leaderboard. In both scenario, I can’t see the whole of the window. Basically can I change my tracker window to a custom one?

Ok maybe the exact one is important so I have 4k, 3840x2160 native resolution. Play on 1920x1080.

We are looking into it.

@Flobbyy abd @LokiOnSteroids can you please make sure that your DPI is 100% and try again? It might be related. We need to test something, I hope you can help us with it. Thanks!

@RoDeX yes, the problem is that some monitors have a suggested 150% size on the “Make everything bigger” windows 10 settings, to help readability. So maybe having a size ratio setting into the app may help.

I have a 27GL850 monitor and having same problem ( 150% window setting ) and setting it back to 100% everytime i play Valorant is a bit uncomfortable.

Checking. Thank you.

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how can i suggest new feature ?

Hi @coc070707,

Please create a new topic on this forum if you want to suggest a new feature for the Valorant app:

this happened to me too mines runs on 1920x1080 and it does the same thing the gui covers it completely and i cant see anything at all whatso ever